Basements tend to flood first during any kind of water emergency because they are the lowest points in the home. When the unexpected happens, we’re on site within 2-4 hours to get your home restored as quickly as possible. And by having such quick response, your floors, walls, and personal property can often be restored.

Water intrusions can occur in basements from sources inside and outside the structure. Hydrostatic pressure can result from excessive rain or snow melting that can over saturate the ground.  This kind of pressure occurs from moisture outside of the basement or foundational wall exceeding the pressure inside. Water will naturally seek the lower pressure which results in foundational leaks and even cracks.


Here’s how we get your home back to normal:
•  We use proprietary products that were developed exclusively for ServiceMaster Restore®
•  We remove the water quickly and efficiently before the water starts to cause structural damage and secondary water problems
•  We bring in dehumidifiers that work to remove the moisture and start moving the air to help to dry out the basement
•  Once the water and the moisture are completely removed, we will clean, sanitize and treat the area with an antimicrobial agent to make sure that mold does not form
•  We work with you through every step of the process and often times, work with your insurance company to get your claims processed as quickly as possible

Let us take the stress off your shoulders

A flooded basement is not only one of the most destructive events your home can experience, it’s also one of the most emotionally stressful events you may ever go through. Our team of trained, caring, and professional water damage technicians is here for you and your family. We’ll guide you through the process and do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to get your home and life back to normal.


The Pros at ServiceMaster Restore are ready to restore your home following any disaster
24/7 availability, our pros are trained and well-equipped experts to do a safe, accurate job
We say what we do and do what we say – you are our priority.

ServiceMaster Restore by Restoration Pros provides Flooded Basement and Rising Water Cleanup & Restoration Services to Thousand Oaks CA, Newbury Park CA, Ventura CA, Camarillo CA, Oxnard CA, Simi Valley CA, Moorpark CA and all of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

When disaster strikes, every minute that goes by makes the problem worse. Don’t delay.