Got Mold?

As your go-to guide in mold remediation, we have the tools and the know-how to examine your living areas, diagnose the problem and take immediate steps to help remove the mold. In mold situations, we will remove the mold using EPA registered products to clean surfaces like floors, countertops and walls. In more extensive mold situations, we will help eliminate the mold completely by cutting away the damp drywall, sanding the wood and replacing it if necessary. And, if your floors are affected, we’ll dispose of and replace carpet once the floorboards are repaired, cleaned and sanitized.

ServiceMaster Restore® works with nationally recognized testing facilities and can provide mold inspection, laboratory analysis and written remediation plans at a reasonable price. We know how to identify and help eliminate the source of what has caused the mold, and implement the proper processes in order to help prevent future mold growth.


Regardless of the cause, our experts provide a comprehensive mold remediation process to help eliminate the problem by:

•  Locating the mold and the water sources that feed mold
•  Assessing the damage caused by the mold
•  Isolating and containing the mold by using techniques like physical barriers and negative air pressure to prevent it from spreading
•  Capturing, filtering and scrubbing microscopic mold spores from the air
•  Removing mold with antimicrobial and antifungal treatments
•  Disposing of mold-infested porous materials
•  Cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing belongings as needed
•  Repairing and reconstructing damaged areas to restore your home

Take Action

Take action at the first sign of mold. If the mold growth already seems large, call the experts at ServiceMaster Restore by Restoration Pros at: 805-388-1409 or Toll-free at: 800-579-7599.

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ServiceMaster Restore by Restoration Pros provides Residential Mold Remediation Services in Thousand Oaks CA, Newbury Park CA, Ventura CA, Camarillo CA, Oxnard CA, Simi Valley CA, Moorpark CA and all of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

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